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A tailor-made mentorship for service-based business owners, coaches, and consultants who are ready to grow and market their business simply, create a steady stream of clients, and make a real and positive impact in this world.

Ready to find your voice, elevate your message, and amplify your impact with integrity?

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Your Next Step to Flourish

Elevate your business to the next level effectively and sustainably. Dive deep into personalized marketing strategies with 1:1 coaching tailored for you.

Right Now You Feel Like….

    • You've built a business with lots of hard work and passion, but you wish more people knew about it. 
    • Even though you've signed a few clients,  it feels like you're just one of many and you don’t stand out.
    • Your loyal clients spread the word about you, but you want to attract even more of the right clients and create a bigger impact.
    • You imagine your business booming with clients who value and reward your expertise.
    • As your business grows, you want to ensure that its quality never drops.


You're not just trying to grow your business. You want more time with your family and still be one of the best at what you do. 

You're ready to figure this out.

Simone Moreau Coaching, Business and Marketing Coach

You May Be Thinking

To grow your business and scale this business, you need to:

  • Feel guilty when you aren’t working on your business.
  • Meet tons and tons of people and sell in an unaligned way.
  • Implement marketing tactics that don’t represent who you really are.
  • Forget about having fun or relaxing because you need to spend more hours on the biz.

But Here's The Truth. You don't have to do things the hard way. It's about having the right plan, not doing more and more.
Let's Learn More

I know this because I was you...

I understand what it’s like to be highly skilled, with lots of experience, and not stand out online. To work your butt off, feeling exhausted, with little left for your own business, let alone having enough energy to focus on your family, children and loved ones. With 20+ years in marketing, a tenured Marketing Professor, and a Certified Life Coach, I knew I was meant to help more people stand out and grow their business on their terms. 

That’s why, I’m on a mission to elevate the standards of business and integrity in online marketing and help business owners - like you- contribute at your highest level, have a steady stream of clients, and make the biggest impact.

Simone Moreau Business and Marketing Coach
Let's Work Together If:
Simone Moreau Coaching, Business Coach
  • You're really good at what you do, and your clients agree. But you want to have multiple offers and grow your business. 


  • You have something important to say, but you’re not sure how to stand out in the market and position yourself as the expert you are.


  • You want to reach more people, but can't find the right words and your message isn’t bringing in the right people.


  • You wish for clients who just get it, without you having to convince them. You want clients to come to you already a hell yes before the consults. 


  • Forget unethical marketing tactics. You want to grow your following and your business the right way.
Private High-Touch
1:1 Coaching
You'll master how to execute effective marketing strategies, scale with confidence, and become an industry leader that creates a fully booked business with your best fit clients, on your terms.

You'll get:


Message Clarity:

Find your voice and position yourself as the expert that you are.

Marketing & Client Generation Systems:

Over 6-months, you’ll create an irresistible offer, write magnetic copy that attracts your BEST clients, develop a marketing plan that creates clients on repeat, and develop a conversion process that helps take your client from maybe to ‘hell yes’ in a few simple yet powerful steps. These systems are the backbone to a thriving business! 

Elevate Your Offer Suite:

Create an irresistible offer suite and market your offer in a way that positions you as the thought leader you are in your field, by learning advanced marketing and message mechanics, AND creating a signature process that is 100% YOURS.


Yes, it’s time to find your voice, elevate your message, and amplify your impact with integrity.

My 5-step system is simple and sustainable to create a steady stream of clients:

5 - Step


→ Raise your prices and become fully booked with clients who are ready to pay for your service. 

→ Craft an irresistible offer and build a signature program that stands out in the marketplace that places your unique methodology, concepts and philosophies at the forefront.   

→ Develop a magnetic marketing message that pulls in your ideal clients and has them sold to work with you ahead of the consult. 


→ Develop thought leadership content that positions you as the expert at what you do and creates constant value delivery.  

→Design a compelling freebie that turns prospects into fans and design a website that works as 24/7 sales agents.  

→ Use my KISS Launch framework to design Webinars & Podcasts that position you as an industry leader and expert, creating content that converts.


→ Create a simple process to nurture clients using email marketing for continuous engagement and to overcome buying objections.   

→  Build a growth plan with proven Marketing Strategies and Lead Generation strategies to attract your best clients. 

→ Build a soul-aligned sales process that allows you to get your clients to a clear “yes” without being pushy and to ensure that you have the right fit clients in your program. 


→ Streamline onboarding for a smooth client start and create a customer service experience that has your clients wanting to resign with you.  

→ Learn the systems you need with our signature content and systems checklist so you can work less on admin and show up more for your clients.


→ Create the identity of an expert leader coach and business owner that leads the industry. Embrace Thought Leadership to stand out.  

→ Embrace Thought Leadership to be seen and stand out. Become the only option in industry where you clients are magnetized to your unique philosophies, content, and offers. 

→ Harness Creative Problem Solving and master idea generation so you are creating leading industry thought leadership and content, on repeat. 

A Proven Approach That’s All About Your Business.

At the heart of your brand lies YOU.

I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all strategies.

With my 5-step system method, we focus on creating a distinctive brand known to create a fully booked 6-figure business and beyond. It's tailor-made to bring your dream business to life, aligning perfectly with the lifestyle you crave.

Together, we'll attract your best clients who are eager to invest in what you offer.

Simone Moreau Coaching, 1:1 Coach
Success Stories
Simone Moreau Coaching, Simone Moreau, 1:1 Coaching, coaching testimonial
Simone Moreau Coaching 1:1 Coaching
Envision Your Success

Imagine a future where you consistently attract your best fit clients who are ready to work with you, leading your industry in thought-leadership, and scaling your business sustainably, all while making time for what matters most. 

It’s time to step into your new next level identity and business.

Simone Moreau Coaching, Business, marketing coach

1:1 Overview

    • 90 minute onboarding session - We map out all your goals and the strategy for hitting those goals over the next 6 months. 


    • 22 private 1 hour coaching sessions - You receive mindset and strategy brainstorming sessions where we plan and execute your strategy. You can discuss sales, launching, mindset, money, hiring so you can get additional support in achieving your marketing and business goals.


    • Done With You Messaging & Copy: I will work with you to help you craft and write marketing copy that feels aligned and authentic to you, implementing what you’re learning each week. 


    • Unlimited Voxer support Monday-Friday - In between our sessions you'll have support so you don't have to wait to ask questions. I'll be with you side-by-side the whole way.

    • On Demand Course - The hub where you’ll find an online marketing course filled with videos and lessons, book recommendations, and everything at your fingertips to master principle based marketing techniques.

1:1 Coaching Benefits

    • CMO-Level Mentorship: Benefit from my decade-long experience in marketing and performance.


    • Comprehensive Education: Dive deep into customer experience, marketing automation, and more, all the systems needed in any business to move clients through the path of maybe to “hell yes”.


    • Marketing Mystery: Effective and simple strategies to transform potential clients into loyal clients but done your WAY.
Simone Moreau Coaching
Simone Moreau Coaching

Are you ready to build a simple and sustainable process that will create a steady stream of clients?

Success Stories
Why me as your coach?

Like you… I balance a full-time career, motherhood, and business growth. I thought building a business had to take more time, but what I quickly discovered was a process of scaling that kept my business lean, simple and scalable, while making time for what mattered most to me (my family!). 

After successfully growing start-ups and brands to million dollar organizations for 15+ years, and being a tenured Marketing Professor teaching graduate students and executives how to market their businesses - I know a thing or two about building, growing and marketing a business in today’s industry.  

For me, marketing is more than just tactics and strategies; it's about integrity, sustainability, and making a genuine impact. That’s why….

My mission is to help online business owners live their purpose and create online businesses that are making the impact they truly desire, with the highest standard of integrity for themselves and their craft.

Success Stories

Ready to Elevate Your Business?

It’s time to elevate your marketing and your business, with high-touch, 1:1 coaching for 6 months. Let's partner together to elevate your message and amplify your impact with integrity.

Simone Moreau Coaching 1:1 business coach