Clarity in your marketing. It’s a choice.

I want to let you in on a secret. 

Clarity in your marketing is a choice. 

It’s true. 

But most of my clients don’t believe that truth.

They think marketing is confusing. 

They choose to think that. 

They would rather stay in confusion. 

What I hear is: I don’t have the right niche. I don’t know how to communicate with the clients. I don’t know how to use Facebook. I don’t know where to find my clients. I don’t know how to connect with my clients. I don’t know where to start. 

They believe that all these statements are true. That they are facts. But they are not. 

The truth is that we use confusion to avoid taking action. Confusion serves no purpose. It doesn’t help you. All it does is stall you. 

I call this an indulgent emotion.

Confusion is an emotion that we believe is helping us but it stops us from taking action in our business. It makes us stop moving forward and gives us a temporary relief. 


Because we’ve stopped taking action in our business.

And what I want to offer you is that you can absolutely be clear. You can decide to have clarity, even when you don’t have the answers. 

Our brain will tell us that clarity has to come with no detours, but that’s not what clarity is. Clarity is the path we’re forging. There’s going to be a lot of detours. But we’re going to figure them out along the way. 

We can create a marketing plan based on past experiences and presume that we will get something similar. We can take someone else’s marketing plan and hope that it works for us because it worked for them. But understand that in the business world, as a solopreneur, the most successful solopreneurs in the world had to decide that they had clarity without actually having it.

The same goes for when you are writing marketing copy. We do our research and we replicate something similar that we saw on Instagram. We keep posting on social media. But it’s not resonating. 


Because there is no clarity in the message. 

If you’re not clear on who you’re serving or what value you offer your audience that comes through your writing. Your client can feel that. 

And when you’re not clear, your message isn’t clear either. 

A powerful exercise you can do is sit down and think about your client every day for one week. I mean really get in their head. Take 10-15 mins and ask yourself these questions (but answer them as your client). What are they thinking? How are they feeling? What is their biggest challenge? What are their biggest goals? What would make their dreams come true?  When you truly think like your client and where they are at that moment you start to open yourself up to understand the barriers of their own brain that are getting in their way. You’re able to open up and get clear on the results you’re giving them. 


Clarity isn’t about knowing all the answers.

Clarity is a decision to trust yourself to choose an answer for what’s in front of you right now. Clarity is not knowing all of the steps. Clarity is a decision to trust yourself to take the next best step.

And even deeper than that, clarity is a decision not to be confused. 

As my Master Coach Brooke Castillo says, “Confusion is a way of staying out of the game. It’s a way of not committing.”

Choose clarity over confusion. It’s truly a choice. 

You can take the next best step.

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