How to constrain your business in 3-steps (yes!)

Constraining your business is key to success.

But the truth is, not many solopreneurs want to apply constraint to what they do.

When I googled the definition of constraint, I got: “Constraint is a limitation or a restriction you put on yourself that simplifies your life.”

The reason this is so important is overwhelm.

Constraint reduces overwhelm because it makes decisions so much easier to make.

I see this all the time with my clients. They are overwhelmed in what they need to do in marketing. They are not sure if they should have a FB page or a FB group or should they do online ads or sponsored content. The list of marketing tactics and different communication channels is endless.

Does that sound familiar?

I totally get it. I have been there my friends.

That’s why you constrain.

And the best marketing and most successful entrepreneurs do just that.

Why constrain? 

When you constrain your attention to one thing, you can be laser focused and disciplined with your mind.

I have discovered that when I’m focused on one thing, I have more disciplined thinking, and my productivity goes through the roof.


Because constraint helps you eliminate decision fatigue. 

You decide ahead of time how you’re going to focus your energy, and you literally don’t have to make as many decisions.

The fewer decisions I have to make, the more willpower and discipline I have for other things (like family time, me time, and lots of books!).


Most of my clients don’t want to constrain in their business.

They want to keep their options open. They are worried they will miss out on something.

And I want to put your mind at ease, it’s human nature. We are hardwired to not miss out on the opportunity.

But keeping your options open is a huge mistake. When we have too many options we don’t have focus and we’re not able to make the impact that we want.

Remember: Constraint is about lessening the decisions you make ahead of time. 

When you constrain yourself and make decisions ahead of time, it frees up your mind to focus. That’s when you’re able to tap into your creativity.  You can start thinking about how to solve your problems and create what you want.

How can you lessen your decisions ahead of time when it’s your business?

1. Limit the amount of decisions you have to make so it takes less brain power.

Constrain your attention and thoughts (because your brain wants to change your mind). Your brain wants to be efficient.

2. Decisions ahead of time.

Make decisions ahead of time and stick to it! Sticking to these decisions is honouring our commitments to ourselves. The more you do this the more you’re going to create for yourself.

3. Prioritize

Once you have constrained and committed to that decision ahead of time, now you need to prioritize. Pick 3 items that you’re going to focus on. Understand what it is and why. Then never turn back.

EXAMPLE: Constraining your niche is a great idea. One of things I really teach my clients is to stick to one niche and get as specific as possible. By picking and identifying one customer, you make that decision ahead of time, it takes away the overwhelm when they have to decide what program they will build, what their offer will be and what marketing channels they will select.

Constraint has completely changed the way I do business and has completely changed my life. Focus on one thing at a time.

I want you to challenge you to go after just one thing in your business.

And go all in. But do it with all that you have. 

Constraint simplifies your business.


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