How to show up consistently in your marketing.

Marketing is all about being consistent. 

It’s about showing up. 

Every day. Every other day. Every week. 

It’s about building trust with your audience. And to do that, it starts with being consistent. 

The definition of consistency as found in the Merriam Webster Dictionary is “Showing steady conformity to character, profession, belief, or custom.” 

That’s right folks, slow and steady does win the race.

Marketing isn’t about being first. 

Marketing is about building trust with your potential clients. To do that you need to show up every day in your marketing. That consistency helps you achieve long-term success. 

It’s about being disciplined and reliable. 

It’s about showing up and putting yourself out there. 

It sounds so easy, right? 

I have found in the past that I have struggled with being consistent on things that matter. Not sticking to my goal because something else comes up. It was easy to find an excuse.  

I find the same struggle with my clients. They start off marketing their new business with gusto, but when their business isn’t taking off like they think it should, they start to question themselves. They skip a post or two or stop networking with potential clients. All of a sudden they have stopped marketing or putting themselves out there. They stopped creating value.  

But consistently showing up in your business and your marketing can be a game changer. 

Being consistent in your marketing helps to shape your identity. It helps shape who you’re being to your client. Your brand. 

So, who are you being? 

Are you willing to fail at something at first on your journey to be amazing? 

Be honest with yourself. Because it does take discipline. 

Embracing discipline is the very secret to your freedom and to your success. 

To create more discipline, set expectations and rules for yourself ahead of time, and then honor those rules. When you do this, you don’t have to use willpower or restraint. The more you set up all your decisions ahead of time, the less reactive you’ll be in the moment. 

For instance, my minimum baseline for posting on social media is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is my expectation for myself. If I have extra time or I want to post more that week, that’s great but it’s not required. I will always show up on these days. It takes out the willpower or confusion because I made this decision ahead of time. 

Making a decision, following through with it, and being consistent allows us to build a body of work that we can feel proud of and that our clients can trust. 

When you make a commitment 100%, no matter what, and then you honour that commitment to yourself by not giving yourself the option to quit, you gain true discipline. That’s what you need to show up and be consistent. 

When we work to become consistent at the things that matter to us, we learn how to be in it for the long haul. We learn to accept the “messy middle” and work on showing up every day (even if it’s not perfect). 

We just show up. We’re just consistent and steady. 

And we keep trying and putting ourselves out there. Even when it’s not perfect. 

When you honour your own decisions, you get better at it. 

The decision to be consistent and show up for your customers. It’s important. It’s what builds long lasting relationships. It’s what creates success. 

And they are waiting. 

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