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How-to Show Up Confident in your Marketing-When Just Starting Out

Confidence isn’t something gained by staring in a mirror and telling yourself to be confident.

Confidence comes from practice, failure, learning and finally success.

Having confidence in your business and in your marketing comes from the inside and it comes from the work that YOU put into it.

Confidence comes from:

  1. Practicing new things (no matter what the outcome). 
  2. Learning from your wins and failures consistently (and proving to yourself that you can survive when you make a mistake).
  3. Repeating this process until you find what works well for you and your business.

Confidence in your marketing comes from the process you follow to try new things, learn from mistakes, and then find success in the things that work out.

But most importantly you need to remember that YOU are enough, and that YOU are the one that KNOWS your business.

Showing up confident in your marketing is simple, you just need to know these three things. 

Ask yourself:

  1. Who is the ONE audience for your business and focus on them.
  2. What is the problem you’re trying to fix for them, or what solution are you offering them.
  3. And does your simple marketing message align with these two things.

By knowing these 3 simple things you’ll be able to confidently market your business to your ideal customer or client. By knowing what problem your business can fix for your client you’ll be speaking directly to their specific needs with your marketing.

Showing up confident in your marketing is about being true to what you KNOW and can offer for your clients.

Confidence is about staying focused on the needs of your client and sharing with them how you can fulfill their needs. Remember, showing up confident in your marketing comes from practicing, failing, learning, succeeding then repeating. So, let’s go!


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