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How To Create Content that Will Stick for Your Ideal Clients

Are you trying to find ways to create content to engage with your niche online?

Maybe you’ve tried many different things but you’re not getting anywhere?

Here’s the thing…it’s easy to think we know exactly what our ideal clients want when creating content. But, maybe you’re posting only about your journey and “hoping” that it sticks with your clients. It may be time to take a step back and rethink how you’re approaching engaging with your clients, what content you’re creating and come up with a different strategy.

To start this process you need to know that your audience will tell you what it wants!

Here’s how:

  • Listen carefully and ask your audience questions.
  • Check the insights on your content.
  • Figure out what people like.
  • Then create more of that content!

It’s super important to take note of what works and what doesn’t work. By analyzing your previously created content and the insights that go along with it, it will help you to identify the best types of content for your audience!

Remember to take note of these things:

  • The type of content that was successful.
  • The theme or message shared within the piece of content.
  • The reach of the piece of content.
  • The number of likes, shares or other engagements with the content.
  • What time of day you posted the content.

These things are important to know as they are all markers for success in analyzing what was working with your content!

This strategy will allow you to then pivot and create the types of content that will help you to engage meaningfully with your ideal clients!

And remember! Make your marketing content from a place of fun so it pours out of you!!

Keep going and testing out your content, you’ll pivot a few times; and that’s ok, but keep asking your audience questions and create more of what they want and that’ll help you to create content that will stick with your ideal clients!

I love helping early stage coaches and service-based entrepreneurs show up, build content that is aligned with purpose, and build a successful online business from a place of confidence and ease. If you’re ready for that contact me now to set-up a client acceleration strategy call where I’ll teach you how to create your unique brand with aligned copy that feels authentic to you.


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