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How to Simplify Content Planning and Get Your Time Back.

What if content planning doesn’t have to be a complete headache?

What if you had a few simple steps to work ahead and regain some of your time?

I’ll tell you a secret, it’s all about how you show up to your marketing and content development process.

I’m not sure about you but I find when I’m trying to figure out a post idea or content idea at the last minute I struggle to come up with an idea and my mind goes blank! 

I can’t think of ANYTHING! and I start to overcomplicate things.

Then I begin to feel scattered, overwhelmed and I just keep thinking “I have to get this done right now!” This last minute push to get things done may work for some people but it doesn’t work for me. 

In order to be successful you don’t need to over do it. You need to start thinking that creating content and showing up on social media can be simple and fun! 

Right now I want you to stop overcomplicating your content planning. 

Instead I want you to start making empowered decisions to move your business forward.

It’s more about finding YOUR flow and the process that works for you!  Here’s who you can start doing that today: 

  • Pick a content theme: whatever your ideal audience needs help with. Try something like mindset, self-care, relationships, business or marketing tips.
  • Plan out  3 different post types: This could be a reel, an image, or a quote. You can also pick the day you plan to post the piece.
  • Write 3 different posts for the week in one sitting: Writing your posts all at once, and planning them ahead helps reduce the stress of the last minute hustle! Try writing everything down that you think of, it’ll help you to find new ideas. Also don’t forget to pre-plan your #!

It’s that simple!

This is how you can show up consistently for your audience and serve them at your highest level without being overwhelmed. 

Marketing needs to be simple to be sustainable. 

And that starts with not overcomplicating the process!


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