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How to Stop Getting Stuck in Your Own Head When You’re Writing Copy

Have you ever felt paralyzed in your tracks when it comes to writing copy or posting content online? 

Do you worry about losing followers or not pleasing anyone with your copy? 

Or do you feel like you’re going to look ridiculous when making a video?

I want you to know that is totally normal.

BUT here’s the thing…When you’re stuck in your own head doubting yourself or focused on what you’re doing right and wrong in your content creation and you stop showing up as yourself online. 


Because our brains are wired to play it safe and be comfortable. 

Showing up online doesn’t always feel safe, so we end up wanting to be a different version of ourselves, a version that others will accept and like. We want to fit in. 

So, we start to water ourselves down and try to be like “those other coaches” but it comes off as unauthentic and icky. And let’s be honest, no one wants that and it doesn’t help you in building your dream business.

Here is an easy fix to help you get out of your head and feel more confident showing up online when writing copy. 

Ask yourself these 3 prompts the next time you are creating new content for your clients:  

  1. ASK YOURSELF: How would my fully booked self show up online?
  2. ASK YOURSELF: What is the boldest action I can take right now?

These 3 prompts will help you let your authentic personality shine!

Asking yourself how you want to show up once you are successful and fully booked will allow you to show up in the way you want your clients to see you.

I promise you by following these simple steps, and then repeating them, it will help you to find your true, unique voice and make writing copy fun. 

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