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The 3 Rules to Being a Business Owner

When you start out building your business there are things that no one tells you.

You attempt to start building your business by creating rules that fit within a 9-5 employment container.

You believe this is the formula you need to use to create the success you want.

  • You follow the same rules you had before.
  • You think like an employee and not a business owner.
  • You put in the hours but you don’t gain any momentum.

These rules cost time, money and confidence.

When you operate from the mindset of an employee you’re relying on other people’s opinions to guide your business and you end up not showing up for your audience in a way that creates an authentic connection. You start comparing yourself to others and how they’re operating their businesses.

This means you’re putting all the power in the hands of others. You’re starting to show up un-aligned in what you do. And you’re beginning to question yourself and wonder if you’re doing enough for your business.

But listen, it’s not your fault.

We don’t start out being taught how to be business owners, we’re taught to be employees who work for other people from a very young age in school. Let’s be honest, those are two very different mindsets.

Knowing now that these are two different mindsets here are 3 simple rules to follow:

The 3 Rules to Being a Business Owner:

  1. There are NO rules to business.
  2. There are NO rules to marketing.
  3. There are NO rules to being the CEO.

You need to show up as the CEO and business owner that you are and embrace what makes you authentically unique.

There is NO textbook right way of doing business, but there is a right way for YOU.

When you step up, show up and use your power you’re going to be in a class of your own.

So I say, give up on the 9-5 mentality and show up on your own business terms!

And remember, STOP comparing yourself to others!

You are YOU.
And that is what people want and buy.

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