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Stop Focusing on Metrics, and Focus on your Audience.

Your audience and clients are the most important thing to your business. If you don’t have them, you wouldn’t have a business.

But, my clients often get fixated on the wrong metrics when they’re assessing how their business is performing. They focus too much on how many followers they have, how many likes, and how to turn those followers into paying customers.

They focus too much on their own needs versus focusing on their clients’ needs.

But guess what? Your audience can feel and sense that from the other end due to the way you market or sell your business.

I’m here to tell you that marketing doesn’t have to be overly complicated but it should be real and authentic. It has to be aligned with who you are but focused on your AUDIENCE. When you shift your thoughts and focus around them you’ll start attracting your ideal clients because you’re now focused on what THEY NEED and what THEY DESIRE.

Here’s the steps to stop focusing on the wrong metric’s:

  • Stop obsessing about the size of your audience
  • Stop seeing your audience as “not enough”
  • Stop focusing on no one buying from you.

And here are the steps to shift your thinking:

  • Know that some of your audience are ready to say yes!
  • See your audience as enough.
  • Focus on what is in it for them.

Remember, marketing isn’t about getting what you need. It’s about giving to your clients to meet THEIR needs. Marketing needs to be simple, to be sustainable and when you focus on the correct metrics you’ll attract premium clients because they can FEEL IT through your marketing!

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