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Beat Marketing Overwhelm in 2 Steps

My clients come to me all the time thinking “I can’t build a business while working full-time”…BUT this is a thought that is keeping their business small!

I remember when I first started coaching and how overwhelmed I felt because I thought I had to do everything that all the experts suggested to get my business off the ground. Not to mention I worked full-time, I’m a mom, a wife, etc..

I really wanted to follow my dreams but I also kept layering on the “shoulds” and the “to-do’s” to my list. I was drowning and I felt overwhelmed and stuck.

I see my clients telling themselves this same story. 

They’re stuck in this feeling of overwhelm. They fall in this belief trap –  that if they take the right actions and do ALL the ‘marketing tactics’  – that they’re going to get their desired results. 

BUT instead they take a lot of action but don’t get any results. Why?  They start to spin out of overwhelm over their to-do list and doing it right. 

Does that maybe sound familiar? 

The easiest way to beat this ‘marketing overwhelm’  is by working on your MINDSET and managing your own MIND first.


Because overwhelm pretends to be necessary. And I’m here to tell you it isn’t!

If you feel like you’re overwhelmed by your marketing and that it isn’t working I want you to try this: 

  1. Look at your mindset, ask yourself…what do you believe in about your approach? Why isn’t it working? You want to identify the gaps in your belief about your approach. Identify what you’re doing wrong so you can start to come from a place of alignment.
  2. Second, I want you to ask yourself, is the message you’re sharing or how you’re communicating landing with your clients? Can you make it more clear or simple?

These two questions will help you to realize that your marketing strategy is only as good as your mindset. 

When you’re starting your business you need to invest in you, your brain and your mindset. You need to interact and create intrigue, market your business from a place of confidence,  and alignment and make an impact that starts with your mind!

The truth is, by working on your mindset it not only helps you ditch the overwhelm but it also is the easiest way to stand out online. You stop comparing yourself to everyone else and you create your own unique measure for success.


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