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How to Create Content that Resonates With Your Audience.

My clients often come to me wondering why their audience doesn’t seem to be resonating with the content they’re creating. 

But why?

The number one reason I see this happening with new coaches and entrepreneurs is because they’re not taking a stand for the potential of their audience!

When you’re just starting out and learning how to market and sell using copy, it’s easy to forget this step. You talk more about the journey you’re on, and the journey you’re taking and what you’ve overcome, instead of focusing on the needs of your clients and their personal journeys.

This results in your clients feeling mis-understood and not seen.


Because you’re not relating to where they are right now. Your clients don’t just want to know how great you’re doing- they want to know how they can get to where you are one day and what actions are needed to achieve the same level of success.

Your marketing message and copy need to reflect your clients potential.

It needs to resonate with their journey.

You need to be the mirror that helps them see what beliefs are holding them back and staying small, and then empower them to take that action and make the shift needed to grow.

So, the next time you sit down to write your marketing copy- don’t just focus on what you’re going through right now.

Instead, I want you to write and take a stand for your clients future potential.


Try asking yourself these 3 questions:

    1. What is available to them right now?
    2. How can you remind them that they are worthy of this next step?
    3. What do they need to hear to take action?


Remember, you can’t change your clients lives unless you stand for them and their future potential.

And the first step is to communicate that potential to them through content that resonates.


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