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How to Create a Timeless Marketing Strategy

Timeless marketing strategies will ALWAYS be what creates lasting connections with your audience no matter what the platform.


Because timeless marketing is NOT burning yourself out on social media.

Timeless marketing is NOT following a strategy that is icky or out of integrity.

Timeless marketing is NOT spending endless hours on an endless to-do list.


Working more and more hours is not going to guarantee more clients.

It’s easy to believe that more time spent working on your marketing will equal more clients.

But in reality you just created an even longer to-do list.


Here are 8 things in marketing that are not approved on my list:

      1. Cold Messaging
      2. Posting 4x a day
      3. Spammy comments
      4. Burnout
      5. Perfectionism
      6. Buying followers
      7. Cold Coffee 
      8. Hustling.


By performing insignificant tasks like these you lose focus on the important tasks that allow you to take action and create clients in your business.

It’s not about the amount of hours you put into your business or the number of tasks you complete.

It’s about having a streamlined marketing plan that is focused on your highest quality client.

It’s less about quantity and more about quality of your marketing strategies.


Here is how you can begin to create a timeless marketing strategy

  1. KNOW your ideal client
  2. Create content YOU enjoy creating
  3. Serve your audience by sharing content that’s helpful
  4. Show up 100% as YOU and share it with the world!
  5. Have FUN!


Because the truth is that you just need to market your WAY.


That’s why it’s so important to create a simple marketing plan that is focused on the top 2-3 marketing strategies that will reach your ideal clients.

This approach will have you go all in on your marketing and create more valuable timeless connections with your clients because you’re focused on producing value vs. stuff.

And guess what? You’re going to create more clients in half the amount of time and effort.


Because marketing needs to be simple to be sustainable.


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