Coaching as a Business.

Are you focused on the right or wrong things in building your life coaching business?

Many new entrepreneurs, coaches or consultants spend a lot of time focusing on things like how to package their offers, or what they plan to sell to customers or clients.

When in reality they aren’t even sure who their audience is, what their niche is, how long their offer should be and what they should price at to be competitive.

Instead of making decisions and focusing on creating clients, they spin out in indecisions trying to “figure it out” or do ‘what is right’. The momentum they crave to grow their business turns into a slow trickle effect.

This leaves them frustrated and ready to give up because they don’t believe their life coaching business is working. They question themselves with “am I really cut out for this?”

But that’s the wrong question to ask yourself. 

You want to ask “what is the meaning of MY life coaching?”

When you answer that question it shifts everything. 

You become clear, focused and ready to serve. 

Life coaching is  all about how you could use your skills and tools  to help your clients.

People don’t care about the package or price or even the colours you use on social media. 

You know what they care about?

Whether or not you can help them or not.

That’s it.

It’s about building connections and letting everyone know that you can HELP them, and you can do that by:

      1. Creating real connections with people by highlighting YOUR zone of genius.
      2. Solving THEIR problems.
      3. Showing up and serving by teaching them one new concept or idea. Ask yourself, how can I make THEIR life better right now?


When you make the decision to choose life coaching as your business, and go all in on your clients, you’re going to create a greater IMPACT than you ever thought was possible. 

Building a life coaching business is really that simple.

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