3 Ways to Simplify Marketing Your Coaching Biz

Are you ready to simplify your marketing for your coaching business?


What if I told you that marketing doesn’t have to be challenging.

That marketing can be easy, simple, and doable.


Learning to love marketing and being good at it is a skill but also a state of mind.


I often find that my clients are worried that they’re never doing enough. They always feel they need to be doing more. But instead of creating momentum in their business they feel stuck. 


Because the challenges they are facing in their business have nothing to do with marketing but it does have to do with: 


  • FEAR


Now all of that is challenging when learning to market your coaching business.

But here is the thing. This is normal. 

Business building will feel challenging.


And the more you understand what is challenging for you the more you will feel empowered to get to the root of the issue, and build your business on your terms.


By understanding where your mindset is coming from and how you see and approach challenges you’ll be able to learn how to market your business from a place of ease and simplicity.


So how can you simplify how you approach marketing for your coaching business?

  1. By not standing in your own way when it comes to your business challenges.

  2. By investing in your mindset, taking massive action and building your self identity as a confident coach and business owner.

  3. By taking messy action, beating the fear, dread and self doubt and going all in on YOUR DREAMS.


By shifting your mindset to a place where you believe in what you’re doing, how you’re building your business and that what you’re doing is enough, your perspective on how you market your business will change.


You go from being in a mindset of fear, dread and self-doubt into a mindset where marketing your coaching business feels simple, easy and doable.


This is why when you’re starting out in business you need to invest in you, your brain, and your mindset. Interact and create intrigue, market your business from a place of confidence and alignment, and all of this starts from your mind.



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