How to Build Your Marketing Confidence

Do you measure your level of marketing confidence off of metrics that you have no control over?

In our world today we often believe that confidence comes from outside us.


We believe our marketing confidence will come if:

  • We have large IG/FB followings
  • We have lots of likes and engagement.
  • People post and give us compliments on how brilliant and smart we are.


But we’re focusing on the wrong things.


Marketing confidence does not come from these metrics, it comes from inside of YOU.


The truth is these metrics do not reflect the measure of success within your business or your level of confidence.


Your marketing confidence should start from within. From your own self-accomplishments along the way. From developing a belief in yourself and your business.


When I started showing up confidently in my business and in my marketing with a strong belief in myself…EVERYTHING CHANGED.


I started attracting my “heck yes” premium clients. MY soulmate clients.


Why? Because developing this belief in myself allowed me to:

  • Show up and be seen.
  • Shake off what didn’t work and move forward.
  • Embrace imperfection.
  • Create authentic connections.
  • Provide deeper impact.


That’s what marketing confidence is.


So, STOP measuring your success with metrics that don’t matter. 

START measuring the metrics that truly move the dial and create momentum for your business, which means it has to start with YOU. 


Remember, marketing confidence doesn’t come from external sources, it comes from your belief in yourself and your business.


So, let’s start there.



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