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Crafting Authentic and Unique Content to Stand Out

Do you struggle with knowing how to create content for your marketing that is uniquely your own?


The truth is that there are NO original thoughts.

It’s all been done before.


BUT, it hasn’t been thought of or said the way that YOU would say it.


Yes. That’s right.

It’s never been said by YOU before.

And that’s ALL that matters to your clients.


All you need to do is apply YOUR unique perspective and voice to your marketing and share that with your audience.


That’s what makes your marketing copy jump off the page and be original.


Your clients want YOUR unique viewpoint and not what someone else said or did.


It’s simple, and here’s an easy way to evaluate whether your content is expressing your unique personality and viewpoint.


Pick 3-4 words that best describe you, now look at your content and see if that is reflected in your writing. Are you adding your personality and saying it your way in your marketing?


That is why I teach my clients to let their personality be expressed in the way they write. It’s not about technique or any 3 step formula. It’s about expressing yourself by knowing who you are and what you’re not.


And that’s how you take an idea and concept and make marketing content that is uniquely your own.


Because the truth is that you don’t need new or original ideas, you just need to say it BETTER.

You need to say it YOUR way.

Its as simple as that!



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