Hey there, I'm Simone

I’m a certified life coach, marketing professor, & marketing strategist with over 20 years of experience building brands from the ground up.

I help coaches and consultants become fully booked in their practice by teaching them how to market their business with ease and simplicity, so their clients are showing up already a yes before the consult.

This level of marketing takes both strategy and mindset, and I coach on both.

It’s time to ditch the overwhelm.

And make marketing fun, easy and simple.

Because it’s 100% possible.


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FROM Head of Marketing to
Six-Figure Professor & Certified Life Coach

From 2004 to 2017,
I climbed the marketing corporate ladder,
built brands from the ground up,
and was the Head of Marketing.

I rewarded myself with a nice house,
car, vacations, etc.

From the outside, life looked fantastic.

On the inside, I was yearning for more meaningful work.

I knew I wanted to share my passion for marketing with more people.
I found teaching and loved the positive impact I was making on my students’
lives and helping them transform their careers and businesses.

I loved showing up to support them and transform the way they experience marketing.

But I knew I wanted to take that learning and impact even deeper.
I was introduced to life coaching and I knew I had found my life’s work.

The blend of mindset and strategy was truly the secret sauce to any thriving business and life.
It is also where I realized most of my clients were stuck.

Because they dreaded marketing.

But here’s the thing... Marketing is a must if you want to build a sustainable business with impact and that grows with your skills.And it’s so much more than just throwing “stuff” up online.
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  • Marketing comes from truth, love and acceptance.
  • Marketing is all about serving and helping your clients first.
  • Marketing is all about simplicity and ease and systems that are doable.
  • Marketing is all about unlocking your inner voice and allowing your gifts to be seen in the world…

Because that is where the magic is and that will bring in the clients you love.

I applied all these aspects to my business and became fully-booked.

I’m not an exception.

My clients are winning too.

They left behind the hustle and dread of marketing
and embraced the simplicity.

It changed everything.

And you can do it too.

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Testimonial for Rhonda-Sales & Life Coach

My mission is to help life coaches and practitioners ditch the marketing dread and show up 100% themselves, own their expertise, and attract their dream clients, on repeat.

It’s time to build the business (and life) of your dreams.   

- Simone

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Let marketing feel as meaningful and impactful as it should be in your business.

Don't delay creating the life and business you desire.

Your clients are waiting for you.